(Re)Ignite the Flame and Make Your Man Sexually Obsessed With You

What do Oprah Winfrey, Nia Long, and Serena Williams have in common?

They ALL attribute their success to having a coach

I will never forget her sobbing.

Tears were running down her cheeks.

It was my first coaching session with Linda (I changed her name for privacy reasons) and all the suppressed emotions just had to get out.

She cried uncontrollably.

"Why? Why doesn't he desire me anymore? Why doesn't he want to f$ck me anymore?"

These were her words.

She didn't use the words "sleep with me" or be "intimate with me".

She said it exactly the way I wrote it.

"I know that I look quite young but I'm actually in my 30s and I have over a decade of experience as a certified coach and hypnotist"

In fact, she said this word with such anger, frustration and desperation that it almost broke my heart.

It's actually frightening to think about how many women suffer in relationships and marriages that are void of desire, physical intimacy, and sexual fulfilment

Just have a look at how many married women complain on reddit about how their husbands no longer want to experience any form of physical intimacy with them anymore: 

But it's not just married women who are complaining about their often non-existent sex life and "Dead Bedroom" relationships. This also happens to women who are not even married yet: 

Here's I was...

in a Skype Video call with a woman who is...

  • Incredibly beautiful
  • Loyal to her husband
  • Desperate to find a solution

This wonderful woman booked a coaching session with me to find a solution to a problem that is more common than I could have possibly imagined when I started the Get Him Keep Him Podcast.

"The WHAT podcast?" I hear you asking.

I know.

You probably found me via the Turn Him On Podcast.


Before I even thought about starting the Turn Him On Podcast, I had already helped hundreds of women to improve their dating & love life as a dating coach who shared his advice exclusively on the Get Hin Keep Him Podcast...

...which has made it in the Top 1% on iTunes in the category Relationships.

Never in a million years did I expect that so many women, single and married, would ask me for VERY explicit advice.

Questions I got asked from my coaching clients all the time included:

  • "How can I turn him on and make him sexually obsessed with me? I really like this guy and I don't want to lose him. Can you help me?"
  • "How can I be more confident in the bedroom? I know he wants me to initiate more often but I'm just too shy. How can I fix that?"
  • "How can I spice up my marriage and make him desire me again. I don't want to get a divorce. What can I do?"
  • "What can I do to become more sexually attractive to him? He doesn't look at me the way he used to look at me anymore. Can I fix this?"
  • "How can I suck his dick so good that he forgets his name and proposes to me in the next days? I want him to marry me. You are a man. You have a penis. You can tell me what to do, right? "

In case you wonder...

The last bullet point is word-for-word what one of my clients asked me in a Skype Coaching Session.

I still remember how I almost spit my delicious Peppermint Tea on the laptop screen.

Well, yeah. I am a man. And I have a penis.

She made a good point.

In fact, she made a brilliant point.

As a man who is blessed to be in an incredibly emotionally & sexually fulfilling relationship, I know...

  • What makes men sexually obsessed and addicted to you.
  • Why men lose their sexual desire for you in a long-term monogamous relationship and what you can do to EASILY prevent this from happening.
  • What men REALLY want in bed and what they deep down wish their girlfriends/wife would do.
  • Why it's impossible for them to fantasize about other women when you do...well...you'll find out during our coaching journey.

I know all these things instinctively because...well...I'm a man.

And after coaching hundreds of women the art of attracting, seducing and...please excuse my language...devouring men...

I decided to start the Turn Him On Podcast.

I'm an accredited coach and I would be honored if you gave me the chance to help you to make your man more sexually obsessed with you than you can possibly imagine:

And as a certified Cognitive Behavioral coach I can help you to change your limiting beliefs about your own power as a seductress and to develop the right mindsets that not only make you irresistible but that also give you the confidence to improve your sex life:

Over the last year I have coached many amazing women who found me through the Turn Him On Podcast and I can now confidently say:

70% of my coaching clients are women who are in long-term relationships or marriages for years or even decades. They struggle with a boring or non-existent (dead bedroom) sex life and they want to re-ignite the flame in their relationship/marriage, spice things up and feel desired again.

30% of my coaching clients are single women who are not in a relationship yet. They either started dating a guy or they dream about a specific guy being their boyfriend and they want to blow his mind (no pun intended) in the bedroom and make him addicted to them. These women want to ignite the flame and sometimes aim to get a proposal...which is definitely possible with the right techniques.

Do you fall in one of these two categories?

If you do, the...

Ignite The Flame Coaching Program

...is perfect for you!

Are you ready to take this journey with me?

I invite you to have a look at what you'll learn, practice and master during the next 8 weeks of the Ignite the Flame Coaching Program (This 8-Week Coaching Program consists of eight private One-on-One 60-Minute Coaching Sessions):


  • You learn how to step into your Seductress Frame that makes it so easy for you to turn your man on whenever he gets close to you.
  • I share the 3 Seductress Mindsets with you that I previously only shared with a select group of clients (These mindsets will instantly make you more sexually confident and him more sexually attracted to you)
  • We dissect the thoughts and unconscious affirmations that you limit yourself with in regards to expressing your sexual needs and your sexuality and we completely transform the way you look at yourself.
  • We install empowering beliefs about your body, your sexual attractiveness, and your sexual skills into your subconscious mind in order to change the Sexual Paradigm you are operating from.


  • We start this session with a self-assessment and self-reflection about your sexual needs, if they are currently met and what you REALLY want in your relationship.
  • You learn to embrace your sexual needs and desires while simultaneously letting go of all the shame and guilt that you might have felt about them in the past.
  • I share admittedly snakey but highly effective Sensual Communication Strategies with you that make even the most emotionally unavailable man open up about his sexual needs and desires.
  • You discover how you can create a safe space for your husband, boyfriend or future boyfriend that makes him want to share all his dirty fantasies with you while he gets more and more excited to hear...and fulfill...your fantasies.


  • I share proven techniques with you that have helped my most Type A high-achieving clients to successfully switch from their work-related masculine energy to the sensual feminine energy that men simply can't resist.
  • We discuss emotional, physical and psychological ways to fully access your sexual energy, to embrace it and to direct it in a way that makes your man lose his mind when he's in bed with you.
  • You learn about the meaning and power of frames and how the act of stepping into frames can completely transform your relationship, your sex life, and the way he looks at you.
  • We practice different frames, such as for example the "Passion Frame" so that you always have the power and freedom to choose the right frame for the right occasion.


  • We brainstorm actions you could take, decisions you could make, and mindsets you could embrace to increase your sexual attractiveness.
  • I show you physical exercises and words of affirmation that have helped my most sexually insecure clients to truly feel sexually attractive and therefore radiate sexual attractiveness.
  • You learn words, phrases, and yes...commands you can give your man that make him want you more, desire you more and obsess over you more than ever before.
  • We make sure that your subconscious mind fully understands that from now on you are a Sensually Expressive Woman who knows what she wants, goes after what she wants, and gets what she wants...especially in the bedroom.


  • I reveal the secret Male Erogenous Zones that 99% of women completely overlook but that have the power to make your man sexually obsessed with you.
  • You learn how to use "Sensual Subtleties" to tease your man into oblivion and to make him want to undress you, go down on you, and devous you before you even touch him.
  • You also learn how to use your body, your eyes, and subtle touch to tease him into sexual obsession and emotional devotion.
  • We discuss different fun, creative, and playful ways that make the "Undressing Process" so much more exciting for him and for you.


  • I teach you the art of turning an innocent neck massage that you might want to give him after a long day at the office into a Rejuvenating Erotic Massage that provides him with more pleasure, more sensuality, and more excitement than any sexual experience he ever had.
  • You discover how to give your man a handjob that he will never forget (Some of my clients who called themselves "Handjob Experts" were surprised at their man's intense reaction when they used my special HJ secrets on him).
  • I show you how you can turn every blowjob into an unforgettable (even life-changing) sexual experience for him by doing a few things that most women don't even think of.
  • We discuss different ways to work with your body, your eye contact, and your smile in order to blow his mind every time you...well...you know what I mean.


  • I share countless Kinky Role PLay Ideas with you that men simply can't resist and I also show you how to make these ideas a part of your adventurous sex life with your boyfriend, husband or your future boyfriend.
  • You learn about the Dominance & Submission Dynamic, how you can use it to satisfy your man in a BDSM and in a non-BDSM scenario and how to give him EXACTLY what she needs in bed by helping him to embrace his (healthy) masculine sexual energy.
  • We discuss different sex toys that you can incorporate in your sexual experience that can lead to more pleasure and excitement for you and for him (I also show you exactly how you have to communicate your desire to incorporate sex toys into your sex life without scaring him away).
  • I reveal the exact words, techniques, and methods you can use to activate his masculine sexual energy and how you can ALWAYS make him feel like a man (YOUR MAN!) in bed... which makes it impossible for him to desire another woman because only YOU can give him this incredible feeling.


  • You learn about the power of Erotic Hypnosis and how you can use it to sexually stimulate and penetrate a man's mind by creating hypnotic scenarios before sex...and during sex.
  • I reveal the Sexual Hypnotic Language Patterns that some of my clients have used to make their boyfriends and husband's initiate sex more often in a week than they usually did in one year.
  • You learn how to combine creative role play ideas and Hypnotic Language Patterns into a powerful sexual skill that I call "Hypnotic Role Playing" and what effects it has on your man's dedication on your pleasure and your relationship.
  • We discuss different situations and dynamics that are perfect for Sexual Hypnotic Language Patterns, how to speak to the arousal center in his brain and how you can literally make him addicted, loyal, and devoted to you by rocking his world in the bedroom...or wherever you choose to devour him.


During the 8 weeks of The Ignite the Flame Coaching Program, you also get unlimited WhatsApp mentoring and messaging support from me because I will do everything in my power to help you to improve your sex life, spicecuo your relationship/marriage and make your man sexually obsessed with you.

The moment you join this transformational 8-Week Coaching Program, you get immediate access to my private WhatsApp number. Whenever you feel like giving up or whenever you feel overwhelmed, I'm here for you and ready to motivate you, inspire you, and remind you that you have what it takes to be sexually confident and a true seductress who your man simply can't resist. 

Now you have to make a decision.

You have to decide if you want to continue to wait, continue to stay in a sexless relationship or marriage, and continue to suffer...


If you are ready for the opportunity to rescue your relationship or marriage, to completely change your sex life and to experience more pleasure, more desire and more satisfaction than ever before...without getting a divorce or breaking up with him.

I received enough "thank you" emails and WhatsApp messages from women who told me that this was the best decision of their life to KNOW that the 8-week...

Ignite The Flame Coaching Program

...has the power to drastically improve your sex life and to completely transform the dynamic in your relationship or marriage.

Here's the next step you can take RIGHT NOW to change your life forever:

  • Fill out the inquiry form below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • We'll schedule a FREE 30-Minute call in which I share more details about the 8-Week Ignite the Flame Coaching Program.
  • Your life will change forever by becoming the most sexually confident, sexually fulfilled, and sexually satisfied woman you can possibly be with a man who desires you, worships you and does everything he can to satisfy you.
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Oh, and if you act fast, you'll receive these life-changing exclusive bonus programs completely for FREE:

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  • Self-Love Audio Course: Daily Practices for Falling in Love With Yourself (58 Minutes, Valued at $79.99)
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  • Love Meditation 2: Attract the Love of Your Life (Valued at $29.99)

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Special Bonus 3: Trauma Transformation Audio Course & Let Go of Trauma Hypnosis

  • Trauma Transformation Audio Course (65 Minutes, Valued at $89.99)
  • Let Go of Trauma Hypnosis (Valued at $49.99)

The Trauma Transformation Audio Course & Let Go of Trauma Hypnosis is Valued at $139.97 and you get it completely for FREE by saying "yes!" to the Ignite the Flame Coaching Program.

Yes, you get exclusive bonuses that have a combined worth of $479.90 completely for FREE as soon as you join the Ignite The Flame Coaching Program!

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