Make the Man of Your Dreams Fall in Love With You by Falling in Love With Yourself and Your Life

What do Oprah Winfrey, Nia Long, and Serena Williams have in common?

They ALL attribute their success to having a coach

I invite you to take a deep breath, relax your body, and imagine...

You love yourself and your life so much that your soulmate, the love of your life, feels magnetically drawn to you because you are in tune with your feminine energy.

Now imagine...

You finally understand men, how they think and how they feel...and you know EXACTLY what makes them want to commit to an amazing woman like you. 

And imagine...

You can easily spot THE RIGHT man among thousands of men and you have the skills and the techniques to magnetically attract him.

Now for a moment...

Imagine we would be sitting in a cafe and I asked you the following question:

"Are you ready to attract the love of your life AND to fall in love with yourself in the process?"

If the answer to this question is "yes!", I invite you to continue reading this letter...

"I know that I look quite young but I'm actually in my 30s and I have over a decade of experience as a certified coach and hypnotist"

My name is Sebastian and I'm the host of multiple popular dating podcasts.

  • My widely popular Get Him Keep Him Podcast has recently surpassed one million downloads and allowed me to help hundreds of women in private One-on-one Coaching Sessions. 
  • I consider myself blessed because I have saved countless relationships and marriages from my clients who found me through the Improve Your Relationship With Him Podcast.
  • I am immensely proud of the progress and healing that my recently divorced coaching clients who found me through the Get Over Him Podcast have achieved.
  • And I can't even count how many women I have helped to spice up their relationships and marriages after they found me through the Turn Him On Podcast

In other words...

I have helped hundreds of women from all walks of life, from all around the world, and in all kinds of different age categories in private One-on-one Coaching Sessions to find love, happiness and fulfillment.

I'm an accredited coach and I would be honored if you gave me the chance to help you to achieve your dating goals:

And as a certified Cognitive Behavioral coach I can help you to turn your negative thoughts and emotions about dating into positive, supportive, and life-affirming thoughts and emotions which can help you to step into your feminine energy and attract THE RIGHT man:

Now I'm ready for the next adventure.

In fact, I want to take you on this adventur.

I invite you to commit to 8 life-changing Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions with me.

And just like you dream about a man who is committed to you, I require a certain level of commitment from you to qualify for the...

Love Magnet Program

In fact, I'm so motivated AND committed to your success that I provide you with unlimited WhatsApp mentoring and support during the next 8 weeks.

Now you might be asking yourself: 

"Is the Love Magnet Program actually the right program for me?"

Here's who this exclusive coaching program is for: 

  • You are a high-achieving woman who is ready to show the same enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to improving your dating life as you show in your career.
  • You are curious by nature and willing to learn and to grow. You are coachable and motivated to do your homework (don't worry, it will be fun) in between each coaching session.
  • You feel ready to let go of the past and to embrace a new future with more love, more fun and more dating opportunities.

You might also want to look at the following statements because if at least one of them describes your current situation, the Love Magnet Coaching Program will CHANGE YOUR LIFE:

  • "I don't want to date another narcissist, jerk or complete loser. I'm sick of attracting these men."
  • "I'm so tired of going on dates with men who promise me the world and then end up ghosting me after one of two dates."
  • "I don't want to change who I am and pretend to be someone I am not just to attract a high quality man."
  • "Sometimes I feel like giving up because finding a good loyal man who loves me seems almost impossible." 

Can you identify with any of these statements?

Then the only way to change your situation and to improve your dating life is to become a magnet to love.

That's why I invite you to have a look at what you'll discover and practice during the next 8 weeks of the Love Magnet Program (This 8-Week Coaching Program consists of eight private One-on-One 60-Minute Coaching Sessions):


  • I share the 3 powerful "Love Mindsets" with you that I previously only shared with a select group of clients (These love mindsets have the power to completely transform the way you look at dating and experience dates).
  • We practice stepping into various different "Expression Frames" which help you to feel better before dates, during dates and after dates...and also at any other time. 
  • You learn about the concept of vibrational attraction and how you can use it to your advantage (you'll love these exercises!).
  • I show you ways how you can always and at any time stay in a vibration that not only makes men turn their heads but that also makes you a vibrational match to a loving relationship.


  • We start this session with a self-assessment and self-reflection about the feelings you have about yourself and continue by discussing the importance of self-love when it comes to attracting a loving relationship and/or marriage.
  • I share practical exercises with you that allow you to let go of your old self and to create a new self that is more loving, more accepting and more compassionate with you (a lot of my clients experience emotional breakthroughs here because they can finally let go of past relationship trauma).
  • You learn how to develop a loving relationship with yourself by letting go of self-doubt, self-blame, self-judgement and self-hatred and turning these negative aspects into self-acceptance and a level of self-love that makes you love your life and that makes high quality men want to be in your presence. 
  • I show you step-by-step what you can do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to improve this relationship with yourself (and the love you feel for yourself) over the course of the 8 weeks we have together...and far beyond that. 


  • I reveal the REAL reason why you tend to get attached to quickly and fall in love too fast (maybe even with the wrong men) and what you can do to change this while simultaneously staying wide open for love to enter your life.
  • You learn ways to identify your most dominant "Love Blocks" (99% of my clients have the same 4 love blocks) and why your subconscious mind is always longing and craving for emotionally unavailable men (and how to change that).
  • We brainstorm and mastermind on the qualities and values that you absolutely expect your future boyfriend/husband to have because you can only attract the RIGHT MAN if you are clear about who this man is for YOU.
  • I share multiple effective exercises with you that help you to let go of your fear of losing your freedom in a relationship and to embrace the feeling of being worthy of your dream guy. 


  • I reveal countless fun exercises that my female friends, my girlfriend and now some of my most successful clients use to tap into their feminine energy before a date, during a date and once they are in a relationship.
  • You learn how to embody your feminine essence when you are around men (We will focus on your eye contact, your walk, your body language and your yes, more fun exercises that are incredibly helpful when you are on dates).
  • We discuss different tricks and techniques that allow you to stay in your confident, assertive, and powerful feminine energy during the whole dating process.
  • I share powerful communication styles and language patterns with you that are a part of the "Powerful Feminine Dating" repertoire and have the potential to make even the most commitment-shy man dream about proposing to you. 


  • I reveal how men really think, why they act the way they act, how they feel about love and commitment and what makes them want to stay with ONE woman (yep, that's you!) for the rest of their life (99% of women do NOT know these truths about men).
  • We practice a fun, yet highly effective role play in which you learn how to think like a man would think (in multiple situations) which allows you to make the right decisions and say the right words no matter if it's the first date or your first wedding anniversary. 
  • I share the hidden signs of attraction with you that men ONLY show with a woman they imagine in a future wife (This goes way beyond eye contact and a smile!).
  • You learn how to use specific attraction triggers that are based on psychological, evolutionary and social principles to wrap your dream guy around your fingers within minutes. 


  • You discover the true power of the "Empathy Compatibility" Principle and how you can use it to instantly create a strong and long-lasting emotional connection wihin 3 minutes of the first date. 
  • I show you how to create a "Safe Haven" for the man you are talking to by diving deep into emotionally stimulating topics (I know this sounds counterintuitive but this technique alone has changed the dating life of hundreds of my clients).
  • You learn about the principle of "Spiritual Compatibility" which almost all of my coaching clients ignored before they started working with me...even thought it is the #1 predictor for a happy, fulfilling and especially harmonic relationship.
  • We practice a role play that allows you to quickly find out if you and a particular man are spiritually compatible and therefore right for each other (This role play is not only fun but it will also give you a whole new perspective on what love compatibility REALLY means).


  • I share the EXACT WORDS that my girlfriend said on our first date to communicate to me in the most loving and respectful way that there will be no intimacy without a relationship (these words will NOT make him feel pressured but open his heart for you).
  • You learn everything about the optimal "Intimacy Timeline" that allows you to be intimate with him when you KNOW he is fully committed to you (P.S. It's not Steve Harvey's 90 Day Rule because I've seen that backfire more times than I can count).
  • We discuss mindsets, actions, and techniques that allow you to blow his mind in bed while simultaneously creating an intense emotional bond with you that intensify the love he feels for you even more after just one night. 
  • I show you how to use the "Adventure Exploration" Principle to guarantee that you and him will enjoy your love life now and forever (I share dozens of specific practical examples with you that you'll both have fun experimenting with). 


  • I share an admittedly weird "Heart Pinging" exercise with you that allows you to ping his heart, activate it for you, and make him think about you whenever you want.
  • You learn to become the first woman in his life who allows him to fully open up (despite his social conditioning of "boys don't cry" and "man up") and therefore feel more love for you than he has ever felt for any other woman before.
  • I share the 5 Ways of "Intentional Heart Communication" with you that have helped hundreds of my clients to communicate their wants, needs and boundaries in a relationship while making their partner feel valued and appreciated (this will completely transform your experience with conversations in any relationship, no matter if it's a romantic relationship or a relationship with your friend and even with family members).
  • We practice language patterns, words, and phrases that allow you to communicate with your partner with an open heart, and open mind and the ability to give him the feeling that you are the only woman who understands him and truly loves him.


During the 8 weeks of The Love Magnet Program, you also get unlimited WhatsApp mentoring and messaging support from me because I will do everything in my power to help you to succeed at attracting the man of your dreams and enjoying a fulfilling relationship with the love of your life.

The moment you join this transformational 8-Week Coaching Program, you get immediate access to my private WhatsApp number. Whenever you feel like giving up or whenever you feel overwhelmed, I'm here for you and ready to motivate you, inspire you, and remind you that the love of your life AND a life full of joy, happiness and fulfillment is waiting for you.


For each amazing woman who joins the 8-Week Love Magnet Coaching Program, I donate 10% of the coaching fee to AMURTEL Romania, which is a charity close to my heart. The mission of AMURTEL Romania is to offer opportunity, hope and support to disadvantaged children and youth at risk of social exclusion. All of the children that come into the care at AMURTEL Family have survived neglect, trauma, abuse or tragic loss They are in need of a safe, loving home. I myself sponsor children who are living at the AMURTEL Family Home. I know Didi Denise, the president of AMURTEL NGO, and we talk on a regular basis. She's an amazing woman and full of love. You can find out more about AMURTEL Romania on their website and by watching the following video: 

By joining the Love Magnet Coaching Program, you are investing in your ability to attract the man of your dreams and enjoy a happy and joyful life with him AND you are bringing more happiness and joy to these wonderful children. 

P.S. I'm more than happy to send you proof that I donate 10% of the coaching fee because it's important for me to be as transparent with you as I can possibly be.

Are you ready for this transformative 8-week adventure that can lead you to a feeling of true and pure self-love while giving you the ability to effortlessly attract the love of your life...just like a magnet?

Incredible women like you have already experienced profound changes during their coaching journey with me:

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Now you have to make a decision.

You can continue to struggle, suffer and eventually give up on dating and your dream of meeting the love of your life.

Or you can say "yes!" to the opportunity to effortlessly and easily attract the man of your dreams by becoming a love magnet during the next 8-weeks of the...

Love Magnet Program

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Special Bonus 1: The Self-Love Audio Course & Love Meditations

  • Self-Love Audio Course: Daily Practices for Falling in Love With Yourself (58 Minutes, Valued at $79.99)
  • Love Meditation 1: Attract a Specific Person (Valued at $29.99)
  • Love Meditation 2: Attract the Love of Your Life (Valued at $29.99)

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  • Hypnosis 4: Fall in Love With Your Future Relationship (Valued at $49.99)

The Fall in Love Hypnosis Package is Valued at $199.96 and you get it completely for FREE by saying "yes!" to the Love Magnet Coaching Program.

Special Bonus 3: Trauma Transformation Audio Course & Let Go of Trauma Hypnosis

  • Trauma Transformation Audio Course (65 Minutes, Valued at $89.99)
  • Hypnosis: Let Go of Your Trauma (Valued at $49.99)

The Trauma Transformation Audio Course & Let Go of Trauma Hypnosis is Valued at $139.97 and you get it completely for FREE by saying "yes!" to the Love Magnet Coaching Program.

Yes, you get exclusive bonuses that have a combined worth of $479.90 completely for FREE as soon as you join the Love Magnet Coaching Program!

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