30-Day Dating Success Mentorship Program


  • You have the freedom to text me before every date and I take all your worries, doubts and fears away. 
  • You can count on me that I translate the confusing language of men for you whenever you are not understanding him.
  • You can send me a message whenever you are struggling with something in your relationship and I do everything in my power to help you.
  • You have the opportunity to send me screenshots of his texts or messages from an online dating site and I tell you exactly what you have to respond in order to make him yours. 
  • You knew exactly what to say and what to do on your next date because I show you what this specific man most likely responds well to. 
  • You won't ever feel alone again when a guy ghosts you or breaks up with you because I'm just one text message away. 
  • You knew that all your dating problems have an easy solution because you have a dating coach as your friend who is always by your side. 

Be honest with yourself...

"How much time did you already waste trying to figure it out alone while you are STILL NOT getting the results you want?"

  • Have you wasted weeks going on one date after another with a guy who gives you the feeling that you are settling for less?
  • Have you wasted months trying to figure out where to meet the right guy and how to get and keep him just to end up in another relationship with a man who is below your standards?
  • Have you wasted years with men who are not worth your time, attention, and love and who ended up making your life worse instead of better? 

"That's why it's time that..."

  • You have 24/7 access to the knowledge, expertise, and experience of a dating coach who has helped hundreds of women like you to attract the man of their dreams. 
  • You have someone in your life who holds you accountable to your standards and who makes sure that you don't repeat this vicious cycle of settling for the wrong man. 
  • You stop wasting so much precious time with the wrong men because you could easily attract the man of your dreams. 

"It would be an honor if you allowed me to mentor you on your journey toward meeting, getting, and keeping the man of your dreams."

Here's how the 30-Day Mentorship Program works:

  • You send me your inquiry email (scroll down a bit to see the simple instructions).
  • I get back to you within 24 hours and we'll schedule a FREE 15-Minute call in which I share more details about the 30-Day Mentorship Program with you.
  • You decide to join the 30-Day Mentorship Program, get access to my WhatsApp (or another messenger app of your choice) and you can ask me multiple messages EVERY DAY.

But before you send me your inquiry email I have to ask you an important question:

"Are you a good fit for the 30-Day Mentorship Program?"

  • You are coachable and willing to follow my guidance, you appreciate honest feedback, and you stop making excuses for yourself. I'm 100% dedicated to your success and you should have the same attitude.
  • You are ready to leave your old possibly negative assumptions about men that are based on past negative experiences behind you and you are ready to meet men from a place of love, curiosity, and with an open heart.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and you are not a freebie seeker who is desperately looking for the cheapest option. As the amazing high-quality woman that you are, you value my time in the same way as I value your time. 

"Are you ready to make the next 30 days THE BEST 30 days of your life?"

Now send me your inquiry email with the subject line "mentorship" and you'll hear from me within 24 hours:

sebastian@ gethimkeephim.com

"Do you still have questions?"

Feel free to send me an email at sebastian@ gethimkeephim.com. I will reply within 24 hours.

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